Early Learning Center in Corpus Christi, TX

Little Roos Preschool Academy promotes the growth and development of children ages infant to 5 with our Scholastic Big Day Curriculum: the premier pre-k program in the Corpus Christi, Bluntzer, North San Pedro, Calallen, and Robstown, TX region. Our age-based early learning center’s curriculum prepares kids of all ages for academic success. Our family daycare introduces kids to the knowledge, skills and concepts that will carry them through their early years and throughout their entire life.

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Scholastic Big Day Curriculum

Our Scholastic Big Day Curriculum has been specially developed to stimulate and challenge the youngest minds. We provide care and learning opportunities for children from birth to 5 years of age, offering an age-based approach to learning that’s engaging, challenging and fun. Kids learn, explore and grow in a comfortable, loving environment at our family daycare that promotes social growth, allowing kids to develop to their fullest potential and live happy, healthy lives.

Age-Based Learning Programs & Infant Daycare

  • Birth – 1 Year: We’ve become the leading infant daycare in the Corpus Christi, TX region because we keep our youngest learners engaged and ensure all emotional, social and physical needs are met. We introduce infants to early language and communication concepts, including simple sign language, as well as early development of fine and gross motor skills.
  • 2 Years – Toddlers: As children enter their toddler years, we get to see them blossom into creative, social little people who are always ready to explore. We provide fun and inspiring activities that help little ones develop fine and gross motor skills and reinforce early language and communication concepts. Introduction to potty training, tracing and lacing are a big part of the curriculum for this age group.
  • 3 Years – Pre-K: Our three-year-old pre-K quickly discover that learning is fun in our special program! Hands-on activities are key for developing social growth; fine and gross motor skills; counting and language and communication.
  • 4 Years – Pre-K: Our pre-K program for four-year-olds prepares kids to successfully enter Kindergarten. Hands-on activities including projects and crafting reinforce social learning and language development. Students start learning to write in our program and are able to write their own name and copy words.

Family Daycare and Learning Opportunities for the Whole Child

While concepts like counting and writing are essential for all kids, Little Roos Preschool Academy believes in caring for the whole child. We support our students’ educational, social and emotional development, providing a caring atmosphere and fun, challenging curriculum that keeps our earliest learners fully engaged. Learn more about our curriculum or schedule a tour at our early learning center and infant daycare today; contact us at (361) 387-4259.